Very sad poetry in Urdu

So many poets have shared their feelings and emotions through poetry but very sad poetry in Urdu. It has inspired many to come out of their shell and express their feelings. When you read this poetry in Urdu, you are sure to feel very happy and contented. The happy ending makes it all worth while.

Many people want to share their feelings but do not have the heart to do so. If you are one of those people who cannot bear to read very sad poetry in Urdu, then try to go through some of short poems. Short poems have their own charm and style. If you love to read short poems then try to go through some of them now. If you love poetry very much and want to express your feelings and emotions through poetry but are unable to do so, then try to read few short poems here and there.

There is a very famous website where you can find different poems of various artists and poets including many sad poetry in Urdu. The website is called “Tecni”. Here you will also find other articles on Urdu and poetry

TECNOI provides various categories of Urdu poetry along with short poems. If you are looking for sad poetry in Urdu then you should try to visit “Tecni”. On the left side of the page there are two lines named “Hamid Sela”. You can copy these two lines and paste it into a word processor and use “Tecni”.

The second line is written in Farsi and is from the collection of Naderi’s “Book of a Thousand and One Nights’. This poetry is dedicated to the famous Persian queen who was the lover of a king. The name of the king is Hamid. The famous Persian poet called Mohabat Fateh was the one who composed this. The name of the poem is ‘Hamid Sela’ (literally means ‘Starry Night’).

Another sad poetry in Urdu poem from the same collection is entitled “Nazar Ali Jawaniya”. The poem belongs to Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh state. This is another collection of poems dedicated to the famous poetess of the Mughal era named Mohabat Fateh. The lines written in the poem are in Urdu but the language has been slightly modified for spoken writing.

The last sad poetry in Urdu 2 lines written by Mirza Ghalib has been translated into English as “The Night We Met”. It is from the book “Books of Life and Love” by Mirza Ghalib. The title of the poem is “A Night We Met”. The lines written in English literally translate to “ago is lost, we are alone, the light has gone out”.

All the above sad poetry in Urdu images have been created from different resources. The words that are used and the context in which they are used to play a very important role in the creation of a very sad poetry in Urdu. There is no fixed formulae in creating such poems as all the elements like the verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs must be mixed up in such a manner so that a new effect can be created. When you look at various literary forms such as novels, biographies, history, and anthropology, you will find very few names that do not appear once in a while. There is no doubt that poetry is an integral part of the culture and a very important medium of communication.

When you look at the way poetry is being used in the social networking sites in Pakistan and the way it is being used here, you will understand why Urdu sad poetry sms is very popular on the cyberspace. Many individuals from Pakistan and the rest of the Islamic countries have become very accustomed to this form of communication. There are many Pakistani individuals who prefer to use their mobile phones when they are on the internet. When these individuals come across any image or text with the name of their beloved, they just save it to their phone and send it to their loved ones. Most of the times, the images are not very old and are preserved in the memory of the users for a very long time.

Sadness and happiness alike are very much present in Urdu. Therefore, there is a great demand for Urdu sad poetry in social media. The poems reflect the mood of the poets. They express their own feelings about the things that they are feeling or about the state of their emotions. This way, these poems get to reach millions of people through the cyberspace and even the mobile phones. You can also create your own personal message and share it with all those you love.

There are a number of companies that help to convert sad poetry in Urdu images, into various formats, including SMS. If you want to convert your poem or any other text into a format that can be used by millions of people across the globe, you can use one of the many companies that offer such services. You should always keep in mind that you should never compromise on quality in any case, because you do not want your beautiful poetry to become anything more than a piece of junk.

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