Poetry on Kashmir beauty in Urdu

Have you ever heard the beautiful poetry on Kashmir beauty from India? The beauty of the valley is in a way reflected in poetry and is a must to learn in our life. This is why people are so much attracted towards poetry and are always ready to learn new things from it.

There are lots of things that have a deep meaning in our life, but we might not be able to understand them with our present age. One such thing is the beauty of the poetry written in Kashmir. You will be amazed to know how many beautiful things there are that can be seen in our daily life. If you want to know more about these famous quotes of beauty in Urdu, then try to search online or you can also read short essays on beauty in Urdu. These poems tell us something about our personality, culture and lifestyle.

A famous Urdu poet Raja Ravi Verma has written a very nice article about Kashmir beauty in Urdu in his 2nd year student’s diary. He has quoted this beauty from Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Karbir ladka. He has quoted the line “Kuldar sahib in jana sutar mein (I am the master of my fate; nothing can alter my destiny)”. He has written this diary from his own point of view as a student of a guru granth sahib. In his 2nd year student’s diary he had quoted this poem from Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Karbir Ladka.

Another great poet of Kashmir beauty from India is Ghulam Murtaza from Pakistan. He is very famous for his love poetry, which depicts different kinds of beautiful scenes from his life. He has also written few books on the subject. One such book is called “Tale of Two Cities”. This book has some amazing quotes from the guru granth sahib.

Most of the famous writers like Mirza Ghalib, Safi Merchant and Mirza Dabeer have also written few books on Kashmir poetry. Some of them are: Mirza Ghalib’s “The Flowers of Pernama”; Safi Merchant’s “The Two Cities”; Mirza Dabeer’s “A Bend in the Ganges”; and Mirza Ghalib’s “Watiana’s Song”. All these authors have written a few books on Kashmir poetry.

On first look one might think that all the authors mentioned above write only for themselves and not for other people. But on closer inspection, all these authors present a beautiful picture of their beloved cities in their work. Some of the most beautiful words and lines from the works of these authors are as follows: “Kashmir is a flower from the verdant valleys. The sight of it is always fresh”. “How can we forget the exquisite beauty of Kashmir?”. These lines can be found in different writings by different authors and all have a beautiful meaning attached to them.

Many individuals on the social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have created a nice collection of their favorite quotes and pictures of Kashmir poetry on the walls of their profiles. Such lovely pictures, especially those with the sunset in the background, have a very powerful effect on the minds of all the visitors who see them. And this is why these individuals feel really good about themselves, due to the kind of feelings evoked by looking at these pictures.

Most of the kashmiris present this type of poetry on Kashmir beauty in Urdu on their walls because they feel so great about themselves. They are proud of the beautiful poetry they have written on such beautiful days. Some of these quotes are as follows: “O my country! My beauty from the land of milk and honey” by Waqar Alam; “The valley where the rivers flow” by Waqar Alam; “This day my love has come to see you” by Ghulam Murtaza; “You are my rock of refuge from the storm” by Mirza Ghalib; and “I have never seen a stranger in this land of mine” by Mirza Dabeer.

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