Poetry for friends forever in Urdu

Best friendship poetry in Urdu literally two lines are extremely popular when it comes to recreating the amazing part of your greatest Friendship and also your best times spent with your best friends. These poetry give you an actual insight of how your friends stand with you whether they are always there or not in time of need. Poetry for friends in Urdu gives you the power to appreciate the great times that you’ve had with your best friend, it makes you remember the fun times. When you are going through the most difficult times in your life or facing some sort of heartbreak or break up it can really hit you hard and you may even start to cry in Urdu poetry for friends forever in order to help you out.

One of the most famous forms of poetry for friends forever in Urdu is ‘Hamdasana’. Hamdasana means good friendship. It is a very touching poem that is full of true inner value. It is mainly composed of four stanzas. The first one is called Hamdasana Tebye Deen. This one talks about how beautiful and wonderful your relationship was and how everything turned out the way it did because of your great friendship and interesting past experiences that you shared together.

The second stanza talks about how things turned out for your friendship. The third one talks about how you two had gotten to know each other during your early days together as students at the college. The fourth one is the one that talks about the memories that you have shared about your girl friendship shayari. All these four stanzas are excellent poetry for friends forever in Urdu because they are filled with so many strong emotions and sentiments from the purest of hearts.

Another popular kind of poetry for friends forever in Urdu is ‘Rumi’ the love poem. The word ‘Rumi’ literally means “upon the path of love.” The word ‘Rumi’ literally means “love path.” The romantic, emotional and deep words found in ‘Rumi’ have become very much representative of all the good feelings and love that Urdu poets have always cherished. The poems are always a joy to read because of the depth and richness of the words.

Another famous kind of poetry for friends forever in Urdu is ‘Romeo and Juliet’ berth Capra. This romantic comedy is considered one of the greatest love poems in the world. The poet’s name is Virgilio which you will notice is mostly written in a very unique style of poetry that has a distinct rhythm. The famous couple in this story is Venus and Mars, and their famous love poem “Star ruby and tear” is an example of how well this romance was written.

The next type of poetry for friends forever in Urdu is ‘Hamdale Maqbool Fida Husain’. The title itself says it all as it is one of the most famous and long-lasting love stories ever written in the language. The lines, “O my soul, stay where I am, for I am your shield, my shelter, my life” are a perfect example of true friendship poetry. ‘Hamdale Maqbool Fida Husain’ also has a very beautiful introduction line which says “O my soul, stay where I am, for I am your shelter, my life”. It is no surprise that this is the most favorite poetry for friends forever in Urdu.

The last type is friendship funny shayari. These lines are often used in funny stories and jokes but can be used in Urdu also. The most famous funny story of this genre is “The Two Pakistani Guys in America” by Aabeed. This is yet another amazing example of how great poetry for friends can be made so easily through the use of funny words and beautiful poetry.

Poetry for friends is an art form that is enjoyed by many. As such many poets have put their heart into their work. In Urdu, we find that some poets have even written entire books on this subject alone. There is always room in the language for humorous and wacky poetry. As such, poetry for friends in Urdu is not only a wonderful way to share happy and loving memories with loved ones, but it can also be used as a means of entertainment.

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