Love poetry in Urdu romantic

There is still no lack of romantic love poetry in Urdu verses for all lovers. The love poetry in Urdu has evolved over centuries of many religious, social and cultural tradition. One of the major concerns for any lover longing for his or her beloved is what type of love poems in Urdu should they prefer? This issue is significant as it affects not only the love poetry in Urdu but also other types of romantic love poems.

The majority of the Urdu romantic poems are dedicated to the Allah, the ultimate and perfect creator. There are poems dedicated to him that are termed as Best Romantic Poetry In Urdu. There are two categories of love poetry in Urdu – one is for men and another for women. Although there is a general preference for poems for women, the matter is taken very seriously as it applies to men also. In fact, the two categories of love poetry in Urdu can be classified by region.

The North West consists of areas like Nablia, Karachi and Multan. The people belonging to this region have always associated with love and marriage with deep love poems in Urdu. As far as the matters of men are concerned, they have a number of options where as women too have a limited choice.

For both men and women, the two most preferred forms of love poetry in Urdu are the ethereal and the fiery. The ethereal love poem refers to such poems, which are devoid of any human physical touch. They are poems where the soul of the lover is transported into the beloved’s mind and they talk about their emotions and aspirations. The fiery romantic picnics is the opposite of ethereal poetry.

The next section of this segment of Urdu romantic poetry is known as the magar. Magars are poems, which portray sad and tragic events in the life of a person. They speak about the woes of one’s life and what they are going through in their marriage and their personal relationships. This section too is divided by region.

The third segment of this segment of Urdu romantic poetry is called the muhafza. The muhafza is a collection of a variety of subjects which have something to do with marriages. Magars and mantras are some of the popular examples of muhafza in Urdu. The subject matter varies from person to person depending on their preferences and lifestyles.

The last category is the social media. It includes topics which relate to love and its various shades. The social media in Urdu romantic poetry includes topics like talaq, kisii din, was, Mubarak, and so on. These topics are usually written in furtive and intimate terms to depict the feelings of love and their followers in a visual way.

There are several other categories which include masnawi, Sharif, sharing, sharb alkaheeh, kharaj, sharp al qadis, kharajz, and so on. These categories also provide examples of Urdu romantic poetry. In fact, Urdu is rich in terms of its genre of romantic love poems. There is no doubt that these poems still face competition from western and Indian ballads and stories. However, with time, the demand for such Urdu poems too is on the rise. This is a positive sign for Urdu lovers who long for more beautiful and poetic stories about love in the language.

A good example of Urdu romantic love poetry in Urdu is the one line sad love poetry in Urdu. The sad love poetry in Urdu is a great proof that love is strong even in our time. This love poetry has been written by different people including scholars, poets, businessmen, women, and so on. The lines “I’m do hamid” means “I am doing what you wish (but you must not tell me why)”. This sad love poetry in Urdu romance has inspired many other poets to write sad love poetry in Urdu.

A very charming example of Urdu romantic poetry is a story of two old ladies who find themselves in the arms of a prince charmingly disguised as a swan. The name of this lovely couple is Ankush and Zainab. Ankush’s father has passed away, leaving her to take care of her young daughter named Zainab who has come from a prosperous family. She has been brought up like a queen by her fairy godmother, who has taught her many things including love and marriage. One day Ankush and Zainab are enjoying their beauty and their new life together when the fairy godmother suddenly passes away.

Just as the example above, another beautiful love poem in Urdu romantic 2 line, sad love poetry has been written by Mehndi S. Alvi. In his sad love poetry in Urdu, he has written “O Akhbar Kay Ma Deen! My darling girls! My only daughter…waiting for you at the door.”

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