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John Elia Poetry In Urdu, a Pakistani poet is highly popular among the younger generation. His real name is Syed Sibt-e-Arnaq, John Elia is the most famous among the Urdu poets, so with this in mind you may be reading sad Urdu poetry by John Elia. We have compiled some of our favorite pieces of sad and fantastic poetry, from our personal collection. Enjoy!

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Here Is John elia poetry in urdu 2 lines copy paste

نکال ڈالئیے دل سے ہماری یادوں کو
یقین کیجئے- ہم میں وہ بات ہی نہ رہی

nikal daliye dil say hamari yaadon ko
yaqeen kijye — ham main wo baat hi na rahi

sab samajty han main tumhara hoon
tum bhi rehtay ho iss guman main kiya

سب سمجھتے ہیں میں تمہارا ہوں
تم بھی رہتے ہو اس گماں میں کیا

kar kay ik dosray say ehad e wafa
aao — kuch dair jhot bolain ham

کر کے اک دوسرے سے عہدِ وفا
آؤ—کچھ دیر جھوٹ بولیں ہم

zindagi say buhat badzan haan
kaash — ik bar mar gaye hotay

زندگی سے بہت بد ظن ہیں
کاش-اک بار مر گئے ہوتے

hashar main bataon ga tujhay
jo hashar tu nay kiya ha mera

حشر میں بتاؤں گا تجھے
جو حشر تو نے کیا ہے میرا

John elia poetry in urdu 2 lines

khamoshiyan sunna seekho
inn main sirf sach hota ha

خاموشیاں سننا سیکھو 
ان میں صرف سچ ہوتا ہے

kiyun shikan dalty ho mathay par
bhool kar aa gaey han — jatay han

کیوں شکن ڈالتے ہو ماتھے پر 
بھول کر آ گئے ہیں —جاتے ہیں

کبھی چاند اس نے کہا مجھے
کبھی آسماں سے گرا دیا—-ا

qabhi chand us nay kaha mujhay
kabhi aasman say gira diya

John elia poetry in urdu 2 lines sms

This is one of the first few poems published with John Elia’s name. It’s called Baisakhiya Teekha (praising and wishing). In English, it reads as: “O my beloved, give me your blessing, my compliments, your friendship, my love, my existence; give me your best, my peace, your strength, your endurance, my joy, my songs.” The title refers to John Elia’s request to his beloved. The name is just part of the title, while the content is the whole poem.

John Elia Quotes In Urdu

This is one of many poems written by John Elia. It’s called Nazm-un-Nabi (good luck) and written in Urdu. The title itself describes the message of the poem. The word “Nazm” is an acronym for Nazm-un-Nabi, the phrase used to celebrate the holy day on which a dead Muslim king is honored. In Urdu, the phrase is pronounced as “Naz-un-thi-ab.” John Elia’s words are worth quoting: “You have bestowed my life with honor, my beauty with a face, my arms with a shield; give me, O my friend, your blessings, my love, my existence; give me your good luck, my joy, my songs.”

Jaun Elia Shayari

As you read through the lines, you get a feel of a story told by a great masterpiece of poetry. John Elia has spent more than 40 years learning his craft and has achieved much success. His poetry is spoken in Urdu, a language so simple that even babies can understand it; yet the quality of his verse cannot be easily brushed aside. There are many aspects of his poetry in Urdu, which cannot be covered adequately in a single article.

John Elia Poetry Status

As already mentioned, one of the most popular forms of verse written by John Elia is Jaun Elia poetry. Jaun Elia is a short form for julus hand (good report), an honorific that denotes a man who has performed well. In Urdu, plus hand is used to denote a skilled craftsman or a doctor. A number of verses by John Elia have become very popular pieces of verse. One such famous line from one of his many hymns, Maqdu aside ghazal (unctions of the worship of the stars) is said to be a fitting epitaph for the great polyglot artist.

Deep john elia poetry in urdu

Another very popular form of verse that features in Urdu poetry is sad poetry. Sad poetry is often written to lament the passing of a person or to wish the beloved departed a happy afterlife. The lines written by John Elia are very touching and can often portray the grief of someone close to the deceased. A very interesting example of this type of sad poetry is Khuda Zameen final badass (for seven nights). This piece was composed to commemorate the death of the legendary warrior Bahadur Shah Durrani, who is believed to have died seven nights after the battle of Karbala in 532 AD.

John elia poetry in english

Another poem that features in John Elia‘s safari (literally, stars on the night sky) is Ghazal ka julus. The lines written by John Elia are in praise of the starry host and are spoken in a tone of love and respect for all things that are beyond the comprehension of man. This poem is often used in Urdu weddings, as it carries a powerful message of hope and renewal. A famous poem that carries a similar sentiment is Maqta Ghazi.

Famous deep john elia poetry

All the above examples of poetry in Urdu are from traditional forms of the language, written in a traditional manner. However, with the increase of western influence in Urdu over the past few decades, many poets have adopted the vernacular of their western culture. This includes John Elia’s poetry, which has been widely adopted by Urdu poets across the world. Some of them have even gone on to write their own books of John Elia Shayari or haqta data Ghazi.

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