Heart touching love poetry in Urdu

Love in Urdu is also expressed through words and emotions. One can come across various love poems in Urdu through various mediums. These love poems are available on various websites as well as books. So, here is a quick guide on how to express your love in Urdu with heart touching love poetry in Urdu.

You may find heart touching love poems in Urdu through books, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. There are many verses which convey messages of love to the beloved. A famous love poem of the Qasida (Qadian) poet Taqi Suleman is “Qadian Aayun Dostiyegi”. This Urdu love poem has an excellent narration on how to express one’s love and passion to his or her spouse. It is a famous love poem in Urdu, which is said to have been written by taqi sahib arab

There is a famous love poem by Faridpur Rehmani that is called “Nazar Baba Seer Teekhta”. This heart touching poem was written to celebrate the completion of a marriage. This poetry has a beautiful narration on how two lovers who are about to enter their new life begin to exchange sweet words of love for each other. The name of this poetry is asyarbeh julus. The title itself is marriyarbeh so it means’married words’.

Another famous heart touching love poem in Urdu is from Moulana Safi Ur Rehman. In his poetry he describes in details the feelings of a newly wedded couple. He describes their joyous moment when they are about to consummate their love and start a new life together. The name of this poetry is Asbaas-e-Koh. Again the title Asbaas-e-Koh is ‘Married Love Poems’.

There is also a famous love poem by Ghaziabad Waqif Waqqaf. It is also one of the popular love poems in Urdu. The title of this poetry is ‘Knowledge of Love’. In this poetry Waqqaf describes in detail the different stages and phases of a relationship.

Urdu Arabic language has many heart touching love poems in it. One of them is from Abu Dhabi Masjid. This poetry describes in detail how the groom gives his bride flowers and gifts to congratulate her on her wedding. Another one is from Shibam, UAE which is dedicated to a son’s birthday and it is from Daryanieli, Mumbai.

Another thing that one can learn about the heart touching poems in Urdu is that many of them are from the times of the kings and queens. In fact a famous poem is from the time of Shah Jahan, who is from the times of the eighth to the eighteenth century. It is called the love poem of king Jahan in it. This poem describes how the king promised his beloved that he will marry her when his reign comes to an end.

Heart touching love poems in Urdu are available online. If one is looking for a good one they can take the help of the websites and directories. These websites mainly have a database of the various love poems in Urdu. Once they make a selection, they can then go to their friends and relatives who have listed their favorite poets in Urdu.

They then give this list to their other relatives who have not read the poem or cannot read Persian. Thus this helps everyone to read the love poems in Urdu and choose the right one. Many people find love poems in Urdu very difficult to understand and there are times when they do not understand what has been written in the poem.

However, once the person has understood what has been written in the love poem then he or she can read the poem and understand what has been written. Many people prefer love poems in Urdu to write for their loved ones. There are different poems available and some of the poems have been made by the poets of Persian and are known all over the world. In fact, some of these love poems have become quite famous. One such famous love poem is called the Ghagvat. The name of the poem itself ghagvat means “seize the day”.

However, there are many other poems that are written to show affection for someone. Some of the most popular love poems include the Dilbait, Dostiyeh and Maqta. Some people also write love poems to share feelings for the dead people and the poem usually ends with the wishes that the person who has passed away is well and happy.

There are many different types of love poems in Urdu. Therefore, you should be able to select a love poem that is suitable to the occasion. You will find heart-touching love poems in Urdu, if you make the effort to research a little bit. If you are not much prepared to make the effort then you should search for the poems online.

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