Heart broken poetry in urdu

If you are having a long time love affair with someone and the relationship has come to an end then it is heart broken poetry in Urdu, which can help you to cope up with this situation. It is very common for people to write poetry when they have lost their loved ones but it is not every day that people get this kind of news. It may be because the person who passed away had been in love with you for so long and you were there every step of the way. The pain of losing your love one is incomparable and in this article we will tell you how to deal with this pain in the most proper manner.

You will find heart broken poetry in Urdu two lines which have been written by poets who have experienced such a situation. The first one says that when you are heart broken your spirit is crushed; but the second says that while you are in pain your heart is higher than the pain. Therefore you should use both lines. It is advisable to take someone along with you who understands the language of poetry so that you too can compose a beautiful poem on this occasion.

This poetry is also referred to as Talaq-ul-Nabi. The concept of poetry is very simple in Urdu and it is referred to as Talaq-i-Khat. In Urdu, a Talaq means ‘to draw near to God’; therefore, when you say Talaq-ul-Nabi, you are trying to pray to God by writing down certain things and then reading them from right to left. The word Talaq-ul-Nabi literally means ‘pilgrims and wandering about the highway’. This is the concept of heart broken in Urdu poetry.

As far as the use of a sad heart broken poetry in Urdu is concerned, there are various things that one can do. If you want to memorize few lines and then recite them slowly while repeating the words you can simply start with one verse and continue till the end of the line. However, if you want to recite the whole poem in a flowing manner you can opt for doing so. Another way is to make use of a mafia. This is a kind of Persian carpet.

When you are sad, you will find this kind of sad heart broken poetry in Urdu very effective as it will console you. You will be able to overcome the pain and the sadness and move on. Once you start feeling better, you will be able to think clearly and will not feel the need to wallow in sadness anymore.

This kind of poetry in Urdu is written in the usual script, which is not very complicated. There is no use of ornate calligraphy or intricate patterns. The content is usually a simple line by line and that makes it even better read.

As we all know, poetic lines are composed of three parts, the lines are the beginning, the middle and the end. In this kind of poetry in Urdu, you will see that the lines are divided into three categories. There is the kama (this is the sad line), safari (this is the happy line) and hamz (this is the joyful line).

Again, each line will tell a different story. It will help you to reflect on your life and solve the puzzle of your situation. The most important thing is that you try to memorize these lines so that you can repeat them when you are sad. If you cannot do that, you might as well get someone who can help you out by reading the poetry to you. This kind of poetry in Urdu is good for relaxation and to cheer up.

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