Funny poetry in Urdu for students

The use of funny poetry in Urdu is a powerful way of breaking the ice between students and their instructors. Teaching within a classroom environment can be difficult at times and keeping the students comfortable and interested in what is taking place can sometimes be impossible. Entertaining students through poetry can help here. In fact, there are hundreds of funny poems that can be used as a means of breaking the ice between students and their teachers. Here are some of these poems, along with the translation of the lines so that students may also have the benefit of understanding the source in Urdu.

First, greetings to the new year: greetings to our glorious leader, the master mullah Ghazi, may he be in peace and safety, on whose advent you have witnessed the greatest celebration of Islam, on whose advent the future generations will rise up and build a glorious nation, may his light shine down forever. New Year’s Eve is the final day of Muharram, the festival of sacrifice commemorating the willingness of prophet Muhammad (SAW) to sacrifice his life for the sake of his followers. On this day, the caravan traders of Quraish carry away with their camels the grain that they brought in from the field of Karbala in Persia to their new home, the city of Urdu. When they reach the river bank, they offer prayers to the goddess of wealth at Al-Fitra and take the blessings of her for the grains that they will be able to harvest from the fields by the end of the new year. The goddess sends them the rains as well as the birds of prey to bring down the fruits of their labor at the right time of the coming New Year.

So, it comes to a time when all the students of the colleges and universities of Urdu must present their best wishes to the new king, Munaibbaaz, so that they may receive the best gifts that they deserve from him. This is the time of New Year’s Eve and celebrations go on until the wee hours of the following day. Here is where funny poetry in Urdu for students can be a great idea because the people here understand the essence of poetry and how to express themselves in it. In order to make your poem stand out and be read in its right context, you have to make sure that you choose the right words and organize your lines in the right manner. You must not rush your words and instead you should gather your thoughts and convey your message with the use of rhyme and rhythm. Once you have mastered this art, you will find that your audience will be mesmerized by your creative ability to make them laugh and you will receive praises for your funny poetry in Urdu for students.

A large number of poets present their funny poetry in Urdu for students along with their and prayers for the new year. There are many poets like Safi Ur Rehman who have composed amazing and prayers for all the students of a university. If you are looking for a poet who has penned some touching poems regarding the eid festival, then you should get in touch with Rehman Azhar. He has written a few verses which can really make you laugh, which is exactly what you need to light up your classmates eyes when you deliver your funny poetry in Urdu for students on eid.

After this, we have this quote by Mirza Ghalib: “When the hotis hai maa.. (all the beautiful girls line up before the snake)”. This is undoubtedly a funny quote but according to the Islamic belief, there is only one snake which is called “kiyakh” which is male and the rest of the snakes are female and they are considered as “maajiba” which are angels. So, to get to know which is which, just look at their names. Maajiba means “winged ones” and Kiya means “beautiful”.

Here are few more lines written by Mirza Ghalib: “And now when the beautiful princesses of the east are competing with each other, I have nothing to compete with!”. What more can you ask for? Another famous poet called Naqshaeddin Nisar has written a few beautiful lines in Urdu for girls, which are considered as the best funny quotes in Urdu for young girls. Among others, one of them is: “O sisters, when we enter the presence of the Lord, take care not to steal his fire”. It is a pure and simple way of saying that ladies should not engage in fights when they enter the presence of the lord. On the contrary, the “hawari” or “warrior” girls are supposed to be extremely careful while they fight.

These days, many English funny quotes in Urdu are also written for women. Some of the best and popular ones are: “I am a bride whom the sun has won, yet it is my husband who rules me”, “hearts that were wrapped in cloth cannot bear a chill wind”, “one’s beauty comes with the burdens of the past”, “there is no man in this world who loves his sister more than I do” and “for the king of kings is my king”. These holy and wonderful quotes have touched the hearts of millions of ladies across the globe. Moreover, these lines also remind girls that all men are not equal to each other.

Nowadays, many educational institutes are offering funny poems in Urdu for students to learn as well as recite them at their respective weddings. A few famous examples of such funny quotes are: “I bow to the bride’s request”, “for I am a groom who would like to see his bride being pushed down the stairs”, “a girl wants to be tied to the railings with her hands”, “the only thing between a robber and his victim is the fear of death”. However, one should be careful while selecting these funny quotes in Urdu because most of the scholars do not approve of the poems and stories. Moreover, they are not exactly written in the English language. So while selecting funny lines for your wedding, it is always better to select those that are written according to the culture of udhr.

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