Funny poetry in urdu for friends

A very funny quote of “Famous lines of funny poetry in Urdu for friends” is in fact a very touching message for all times. True friends are there always to make you smile no matter how much you’re down, they’re not just there to cheer you up. You can always rely on them for the support and comfort you need during tough times and share their joy with you. You always have their shoulder to cry upon and cherish for having done the right thing.

“A pair of hands is better than a thousand pounds.” This funny quote in Urdu for friends is from a famous love poem written by Rumi. A pair of strong hands would always help you in overcoming obstacles. Those two hands of yours always hold me in high esteem because I know you’re not there to fall for anybody but me. You’re always there whenever I call you because I’m your hero.

“A man’s got to do what a man has to do whether he is wise or foolish.” This funny poetry in Urdu for friends from the book of “The Book of One Thousand Nights and a Night” by Nights from Azhagar belongs to the category of wise and foolish. And it is a commonly accepted truth that a man with wisdom has a certain arrogance while a man with foolishness cannot think what others don’t think. Jassef M. Alhaur is one of the great poets of our time.

“You reap what you sow” is a very funny poetry in Urdu for friends saying about those who abuse power. It is the right of every person to know that power should be used with moderation and bended for the good of society. If you abuse it, then it is Abuse and what is more Abuse is what turns countries and nations into ruins and what turns friends into enemies. We are all guilty of this in one way or another and we need to wake up to the fact.

“A man may do what a man has to do-only if he thinks it is good.” This funny poetry in Urdu for friends says about those who think they know better than everyone else. They forget that they all have the same voice and soul and the same goals in life. You can either be a friend or enemy. But whatever you do, stay honest and upright.

“To have a loyal friend is like having an army with you everywhere you go.” This funny poetry in Urdu for friends from the perspective of an enemy gives us the meaning of being loyal. When you have an army with you everywhere you go, then no one can attack you. And you can defend yourself and your family by using force when needed. But this does not mean that you abuse force, only that sometimes you have to be on the defense.

“A true friend is a loyal friend who will fight the enemy to death.” Here is another powerful idea that is demonstrated through this Urdu funny poetry in Urdu for friends. There are people out there who would never think of hurting you but because you are their friend, they will do everything in their power to hurt you. What you need to understand is that sometimes you have to be on the offense sometimes in order to defend yourself. So instead of thinking that you have to be the victim, try to think that sometimes you can be on the offense. This is how powerful and positive this poetry is.

The next concept in this funny poetry in Urdu for friends is that all things are made Firduk-Khumur. Everything around us is created by a higher self which is greater than our own personal self. You are created for a reason and that reason is to serve. This means that even if you have been hurt and mistreated, you have also been made to a better person through the almighty Self. If you believe this, then there is nothing which can stop you from becoming the best person possible.

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