Friendship Poetry In Urdu

Friendship Poetry in Urdu is an amazing way to express how you feel in very expressive words. Firstly everyone is very thankful for having friends and so are you. If you do then please state that you are truly thankful for having friends, if yes then please say that you are on the correct place for finding the best friendship poetry in Urdu collection. It is the desire of every Muslim girl to marry a man who can understand her needs, be it in her personal life or in her engagement and later on in marriage. There is no better gift to show your true love than this.

There is no single person who does not have something unique to offer you but they forget to tell about it. That is why, every Muslim girl is busy in making plans for the upcoming occasion. She starts working on their outfits, their gifts and of course the friendship poetry in Urdu. It is said that the true friendship starts from friendship day. So on such occasion you have to make sure that you have the best gifts.

First of all, a true Muslim loves his family, so if you have a brother, you should ask him to accompany you on the day of Eid ul-Fitr and take you to places where you can find beautiful Muslim girls whom you can meet. But don’t hold any lines, just pretend to be lost and ask a person for directions to a nearby restaurant which is located at a distance of 15 kms. After asking so many questions, when the person gives you directions, write down those numbers on a piece of paper as a proof of your ‘plight’ to the beautiful girl and then get ready to face her in a moment of fate.

Another important aspect is friendship in Urdu; you can’t imagine two guys walking side by side and saying bhi dooj, as it will never happen in real life. So you can easily copy the beautiful Muslim lady’s smile in this beautiful but dooj poem. You can start it off with a couple of lines from the qawwali (goddess qur’a), the famous ballad written by a famous poet called Ghalib (Gholi) who is also famous for his great ballads in Urdu. After finishing this line, you can continue with the serenity of the serene nature in the beautiful but dooj poem.

There are so many poems from theists that have some touching lines in them but don’t let any of those lines influence your decision to give a gift to any Muslim girl. Instead, choose some sad friendship poetry in Urdu that shows how a Muslim girl feels about her friend’s death. This is also a way of letting her know how much she is beloved by her beloved. You can even write the poetry all by yourself. However, there is nothing like a professional translation of the beautiful lines.

In fact, one of the most famous lines from the sad friendship poetry in Urdu two lines written by Mirza Ghalib – Se Ho Jana. This famous poem is a great example of friendship poetry in Urdu and was also written by the famous poet Ghalib. The famous poet Ghalib wrote a lot of great friendship poetry in Urdu, but unfortunately, his work is not widely available. Fortunately, you can find a translation of this great work in books.

The famous lines from the friendship poetry in Urdu Two lines from Mirza Ghalib’s Se Ho Jana; “Nazar mu zindagi hota hai” (I am with you; every day)

There are many more friendship quotes in Urdu Two lines from Mirza Ghalib’s Se Ho Jana; “Azeen bist de kah sabzi, bist de shaam, Azeen bist de sharqi?” (What will you do, friend? When will you marry me, friend? ), one more from the same book; “Nazmila sab ka hare (Nazmila jaafir laahu wakf)”. (what will you do, when will you die for me?) You can choose one of your favorite quotes or choose all of them.

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