Friends poetry in Urdu

Friendship is a word that describes how we connect and bond with others. It is also an expression of love, respect and trust. Though there is a difference in the way we express these feelings, one common thing we all share is the concept of love and friendship. We are all fond of having friends whom we can depend on, share thoughts with and share laughter with.

Our relationship with our friends is always full of trust. Whether we are talking on the phone, socializing with friends, sharing thoughts in a restaurant, or sitting together at home, we always give priority to our friends. Words like bila, hamid, qafar, jangli, rasool and Mubarak mean friend in Urdu. SMS and nasty messages for friendship day are also sent to our friends, as well as cost & saafari verses for best friends.

A common feature all our relationships have is the value of communication. This is expressed in many ways. Some of them are laughing, telling jokes, praising, telling poems, appreciating gift, complimenting others or even crying. These expressions are all part of the art of poetry in Urdu. Friends poetry in Urdu particularly describes different types of relationships.

Friendship in Urdu is described in three different ways – as brother & sister, friend. There is one common theme that all three forms of this love poetry express – expressing love and affection. The art of poetry in Urdu is very good at portraying love and compassion. This is why it has been used by people from all walks of life to express their feelings of friendship and brotherhood.

However, the nature of the relationship is what determines the type of poetry used on friends day. If the friendship is casual like brother & sister, then we may use the kama sharqi verse to wish them well. If the relationship is more like friendship sad poetry can be used to express sorrow over the loss of a loved one.

Another form of friendship poetry in Urdu is khandi poetry. This kind of poetry is very similar to masnawi (gage) poetry. Masnawi is a collection of verses mainly for women in ancient ayurvedic poems. The same format of khandi poetry is followed in the creation of hand kamas.

Now that you know the three types of poetry that can be used on friends’ day, the next step is to choose the right kind of poetry for your friends. It is better not to choose the first or the second type of poetry because there is a big possibility that your friends might reject your choice. A better option is to select a poem which has special meaning for them. Once you have chosen the right kind of poetry for your friends, you can easily send it to them in a gift box or in any other way which will show your deep gratitude and sincere care for them. Now that you know how to choose the best poetry for your friends, you can easily express your true feelings to them with the help of beautiful poetry.

Now that you are aware of the three forms of friendship poetry in Urdu, you can easily buy or download a poetry book for your friends online. There are many websites which offer poems specifically written for various occasions and seasons. You can easily download this kind of book from these sites and share your friendship in the best possible manner. If you want to send your love to your friends in Urdu, you can simply select any of the beautiful verses of poetry available in a book of Urdu poetry. Once you have selected the best verse, you can easily send it in an SMS message to your friends and hope that their friendship will be deeply cherished for years to come.

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