Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poetry

faiz Ahmed faiz poetry is a famous form of Urdu poetry. It has a beautiful, soothing and romantic tone to it. This type of poetry is not only read by women but also by men and people of all ages. The main reason for this popularity is that it is very easy to understand and read. Another reason is that the story behind each line of every word is so touching that even an adult may cry while reading it. Reading this type of poetry can bring you closer to someone you love and also make you remember those beautiful memories that you have always longed for.

Faiz Ahmed is a famous poet from Pakistan and is well known for his amazing poetry. He was born in Karachi and is one of the best-selling poets in the country. His poetry is so good that people even compare it with that of Sahir Khan. In fact, many writers are also inspired by his style of poetry.

You may be familiar with some of the great poets of classical days like Mirza Ghalib and Mina Khatar. However, if you really want to read some wonderful poetry then you should read something by Faiz Ahmed. He was born in KPudh province in KP, the largest province in KP and is famous for his wonderful poetry. Read some of his best books and when you get time to you can also read his collection of written work.

What makes Faiz Ahmed’s poetry so special is that he portrays things in such a beautiful and poetic way that it seems as though he has actually spoken to us – or at least what we think of as being our own selves. Yes, we are all aware of the famous lines from the Urdu poem, Ghazae Afgan:

“If you can see the face of your lover, then you know that he is the face of the sun, if you can find your soul’s path in the depth of the sea, then you know that you’re on the right path”. These are two very famous ayurvedic poems by Faiz Ahmed. Now, these two lines from Mirza Ghalib and the line from the Urdu poem above are not only famous poems of their time but are also regarded as Urdu poetry classics.

Now, even if you read only a little of what is on offer in the book by Faiz Ahmed, you will be blown away by what he has to say about art, humanity, emotions, relationships, life in general. He will take you on a journey through the great upheavals of modern mankind which have shaken the world. We all know about the holocaust, the plague, World War Two, the atomic bomb and so on. We are all aware of what has happened to man’s species in the last 100 years. Now, Faiz Ahmed, the famous poet, has taken on the task of trying to understand the relationship between man and his gods, between man and the universe, man and creation, how each has an impact on the other and, what is beyond each.

The poetic master, Faiz Ahmed, who is based in Britain, has written an amazing book, The Desolate Area, which takes on the subject of modern man and tries to explain what is behind the acts of violence and crimes committed in the name of religion. This book has won several awards, including the Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh Prize, the Man Booker Prize, the Guardian Prize and many others, including the National Literary Award for Poetry. This is a brilliant book by an acclaimed poet, who holds a PhD in Islamic Philosophy at King’s College, University of Cambridge. His other books include Islam and Secularism: A Short Introduction and Divorce in Pakistan and The Line Between.

One cannot ignore the fact that Faiz Ahmed is a hugely accomplished poet and his poetry is immensely moving. The title of the book, The Desolate Area, is taken from a famous poem by Mirza Ghalib in his book The Tower. He quotes extensively from this famous work in his poetry, and in his introduction he rightly says, “Nothing can compare with the sublime beauty of Mirza Ghalib’s words”. In my opinion, one cannot undervalue the stature of Mirza Ghalib and his contribution to the genre of Urdu poetry.

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