Eid poetry in Urdu

Eid is approaching fast and thousands of lovers, friends, and relatives from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Islamic countries are planning to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr in a grand way. If you wish to read more on eid poetry go for free online and share online. This will bring you news about poetry, quotes, verses, poems and many other related information. You can also make this day memorable by writing poetry. Here thousand plus happy and poetry pictures download and share on social networks.

“IDA – Na Ke Emai Zindoor” (I Adore You – Beautiful Girl) is a well-liked poem written by Nazir Hussain. This is one of the famous ghazal (verse) in Urdu, which is performed during the Ghazal-Orient. The word used in this verse is “ahi” which means worship or prayer. The word “Nas” means praise or Allah and is pronounced as “NA khayran (praising)”.

“Nazir Hussain Nazir Al-Khan (Saying – Peace to the World) written in Arabic is also very famous and popular eid poetry in Urdu poem. It’s composed of 2 lines only which are very rare in all the other poems. In this 2 line poetry too, we have praise and thanks to our creator. It can be downloaded from various websites and sent via mobile SMS to family and friends who are far off.

“aza vs. Tamas” (Life vs. Death) is another famous beautiful eid poetry in Urdu 2 line poem. This sad poem was written by none other than the legendary Qasida bin Talha al-Azam. It’s a tribute to the mortal life and also praises the spirit world. This can be downloaded from various websites and sent through SMS to near and dear ones.

Eid ul-Fitr and Danyal-ud-Daulat are two of the most awaited poetry collections for Ramadan. The beautiful and romantic collection of poetry called “Nusatebshara Sharif muqad minbar” (Books of the Night Shade) by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi is one such example. It’s composed of elegantly written couplets that have a soothing effect on all readers. You can send this collection of beautiful and romantic poetry along with some elegant SMS to your beloved ones to wish them on the occasion of Eid UL Zuha.

“Bayan al-Rabai wa al-masnib cinda” (Seek ye for pleasure, children of the earth) by Shawkat Badawad is another example of eid poetry in Urdu. It’s a collection of beautiful and romantic couplets which exhort people to seek pleasure and keep away from the cares and anxieties of life. This can be downloaded from various eid-uknown sites and can also be sent via SMS. Those who want to send this beautiful text message can simply do so and feel the eternal joy.

Eid-ul-Fitr is approaching and if you too want to send it wishes to your loved ones, then try out the following poem. This is an example of traditional Muslim poetry and contains Allah’s verses. So, can anyone who is willing to try their best to read the Arabic text along with understand its meaning. This is available as a free eid poetry and it wishes to book online. You can avail of this book and see for yourself how beautiful and touching this is. The book has been created specifically to help people know how to express themselves through eid and the various aspects of Muslim culture.

Remember that eid celebrations are not only about food or gifts but more importantly, it is a time of joy and celebration of life. So send in poetry in Urdu with eid-uknown SMS and enjoy the spirit of the occasion. This is one of the best ways to tell someone that you are thinking of them and that they are really important to you. This beautiful eid poetry in Urdu 2 lines sms will surely touch someone’s heart. May Allah have mercy on all those who have suffered, or who are going through such sad circumstances.

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