Dosti Poetry in Urdu

Dosti poem is the most popular type of love poem in Urdu. It is also the oldest type of love poem in Urdu. The word Dosti literally means beloved and it is commonly used in the wedding speech. It is usually recited in the wedding ceremony or on other important occasions such as wedding, birthdays, marriage anniversary and father’s day. It is a very special way to show one’s love and affection for his/her beloved.

Many people do not understand the importance of greeting their loved ones on every auspicious occasion, especially on the special day of father’s day. They wish to express their love, support and gratitude for all the loving moments that they have spent together. To make it memorable for them, they use some post poetry in Urdu to share their feelings about their beloved. Dosti is a kind of love poem that is very popular in Urdu. It expresses the feeling very well and is easily understood by people belonging to any age group.

Urdu friendship poetry is often used to show your love for your friends. You can also add your own message or advice to the other person. Grab the best dosti poetry in Urdu by top local poets or the inspiring dosti friendship shayari list, post poems pics or pictures of a close friend is a valued true gift of God. May be you are a teacher or an engineer but everyone can express their feelings through this beautiful art. For young girls, there is most poetry in Urdu for the girlish heart.

A beautiful friendship poem for the mind can be written with most poetry in Urdu. It usually contains lines like sharara badakhir lehri lehrai kuda lehrai, sharara badakhir lehrai kuda lehrai, and zarbikhandi. These lines will help you bring positive energy and peace to your environment.

The word “dosti” means happiness and “shayari” means to praise or worship. This word is often translated as “praised praise” or “worship”. So, you find friendship poetry in Urdu and post poetry in Urdu is very unique form of expression. You find many kinds of poems in Urdu such as everyday life, sad days, happy days, sorrowful days and many more. Sometimes, you even find verses that describe about the death.

If you are looking for the best friendship poetry in Urdu two lines then you can start searching from Talaqs-Kurban and Dosti Jilbabs. Both books contain amazing poetry. In fact, Talaqs-Kurban contains many verses which describe the story of a merchant’s daughter. In this book, you can also find the story of how a merchant’s daughter marry an emperor and move to the desert. After few years, they come back to their village and start having their first child.

Another best example for friendship poetry in Urdu is Dosti Jilbabs. This book contains many sad poems that describe about the things that the parents feel when their children leave or die. Some of these things include the deaths of the love ones, a lover, and a friend. This type of poetry images a really emotional reaction in the mind of readers as they read these words.

The best example of friendship poetry in Urdu that describes about the parents’ feelings is called Talaq-un-Nabi. This book was composed by a man named Muhammad Baqi Shah Ghazi, who was a well-known poet. He describes in detail about his parents and their friends in this book.

Dosti-un-Nabi is one of the best examples of friendship poetry in Urdu. It describes about how the new friend in the story has come to stay with them after their previous friend left. This new friend gives them lots of gifts and presents that they need during their new friendship day poetry. They are even blessed with a new son.

A sadder poem in this collection is the one called Naqqashi-un-Nabi. This is written by a man named Mustafa Mansoor. He tells about how his sister’s husband passed away while they were on a trip. This is one of the main themes in this friendship poetry in Urdu book. The deceased husband loved his family very much, so he decided to take them on a trip so that they can have some fun together.

All these friendship poems in Urdu can be found online. However, you will need to be careful when looking for them. Make sure that the site or website is authenticated so that you don’t get cheated. Otherwise, you might end up with some terrible poetry. Check out websites that offer downloadable free samples of this type of poetry. It can save you a lot of time.

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