Deep poetry in urdu

This article is about the greatness of deep poetry in Urdu and its importance to the soul. The word” Quran” in Urdu does not mean “book of poems”. That is an American invention that denies the true essence of this language. The word” Quran” in Urdu should stand for “recitation of sacred texts”; not “book of poems”. A poet who writes in verse is a poet, not a translator.

The word” Quran” in Urdu literally means “Book of the Remembrance”. It is the most revered text in Islam. Every Person who reads it twice daily gets immersed in it and knows it by heart. The beauty and depth of deep poetry in Urdu cannot be described in words. Here are some of the famous lines in Quran that can bring happiness, peace and tranquility to your life and help you gain insight and sense of inner peace.

One beautiful line from Quran: “O mankind! We have power over water, wealth and cattle; but with wisdom and religion, might we overpower Allah?” When we read this line, we can only imagine the ocean stretched out before us in limitless domains of endless possibilities. We visualize the ocean’s waves crashing down upon our heads and the voice of the Oneness consciousness calling down upon us from the presence of God. This is how deep we can sink into the greatness of the divine consciousness. This is the meaning of the lines: “overpowering Allah with wisdom and religion.”

Another famous deep poetry in Urdu line from Quran: “To the patient God affords patience. To the fearful God affords safety. To the humble God affords favor. To the chained God afflicts with affliction.” The power of this word is so strong that it can move mountains!

This deep line from the Quran has the power to lower the ceiling of one’s soul. It is like a stormy day, when the clouds gently part and the sun shines with full strength on the shore. This is a day of happiness and satisfaction that can never be exhausted. This is the reason why people are always ready for the call of deep wisdom: “Deep within, my soul.”

Another example for deep poetry in Urdu is the following line from the Quran: “So when your Lord does come to and end, let your feet step forth under his shadow.” When we read this word, it implies that even when the clouds may fold over our heads, we can go to Him and He will never leave us. That is deep thoughts and wisdom coming from the Most High.

A person can only get to know deep thoughts and deep poetry in Urdu by continuous practice. Even if you read books that have deep words and poems, it doesn’t mean you are already proficient in this field. You need to put your efforts into it. Reading books and poetry don’t make you a good verse reader, you need to learn the basics first before you move forward.

When it comes to deep thoughts and deep poems in Urdu, there are two types: worldly and mystic. Worldly thoughts are what you find in poets like Abu Dhabi Masnawi, who is considering a poet of the Islamic world. He has many deep thoughts on love, marriage, and even the nature of God. On the other hand, mystic poets like Abdul Hayi Mamedov, have some deep thoughts on God, nature and love. These types of poems touch the very core of our being.

In order to attain such deep emotions in every line of his poetic text, a person needs to have a strong belief and confidence in him. It is not just about having the ability to write powerful lines, but one must also think deeply and impress his readers with his deep poems. To achieve this, he needs to spend time in meditation and always be focused on the task at hand. A person should always keep his mind peaceful.

When we talk about deep poetry in Urdu, people believe that it is something that cannot be learned overnight. True enough, there are lots of books and books that talk about different ways on how to reach this state of consciousness. But nothing compares to the real thing, which is hard work, self-discipline and patience. And as long as you are dedicated to your goal, you will eventually reach that state of deep consciousness.

Once you feel yourself slipping into deep poetry in Urdu, don’t worry. All you have to do is to try not to let the words flow from your mind. Continue with your tasks and try to concentrate on the task at hand. You can use deep breathing techniques as well to bring yourself back to normal. Once you are finally back to normal, your beautiful creations will definitely astound you!

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