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Bewafa Poetry consists of poetic words or phrases. It is a type of poetic verse in Urdu. It is also known as behwafat-i-sharif. This poetic form was originated from the days of Mughal and Qutub Shahid Caliphates.

Bewafa is a type of poetry in Urdu, which is written by both males and females. It is mainly focused on love, romance, sorrow, pain, and other emotions that are associated with the emotions of love, especially in the days of yore. After the end of the reign of Humayun, when the successors of Jahangir took over the throne, they made bewafat-i Sharif as one of their goals.

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Here Is Bewafa poetry in Urdu

Hum Ne Uske Intezar Mein Kayi Baras Guzar Diye

Woh Iss Aik Riwayat Pe Qaaim Raha,

Jaane Wale Palat Kar Dekha Nahi Karte

Bewafa poetry in Urdu
Bewafa poetry in Urdu

Hath Mere Bhool Baithe Dastaken Dene Ka Fan
Band Mujh Par Jab Se Us Ke Ghar Ka Darwaza Hua

ہاتھ میرے بھول بیٹھے دستکیں دینے کا فن
بند مجھ پر جب سے اس کے گھر کا دروازہ ہوا

Wo Mujh Ko Chor Ke Jis Admi Ke Pass Gaya
Barabari Ka Bhi Hota To Sabr Aa Jaata

وہ مجھ کو چھوڑ کے جس آدمی کے پاس گیا
برابری کا بھی ہوتا تو صبر آ جاتا

Us K Yuun Tark-e-Mohabbat Ka Sabab Hoga Koi
Jee Nahi Ye Manta Wo Bewafa Pehle Se Tha

اس کے یوں ترک محبت کا سبب ہوگا کوئی
جی نہیں یہ مانتا وہ بے وفا پہلے سے تھا

Wo To Khushboo Hai Hawaon Mai Bikhar Jayega
Masla Phool Ka Hai Phool Kidhar Jayega

وہ تو خوش بو ہے ہواؤں میں بکھر جائے گا
مسئلہ پھول کا ہے پھول کدھر جائے گا

اِک عمر تک میں اُس کی ضرورت بنا رہا
پھر یوں ہوا کہ اُس کی ضرورت بدل گئی

Ik Umar Tak Main Uski Zarurat Bana Raha,
Phir Yun Hua Kh Uski Zarurat Badal Gayi۔

بے وفائی کی سب کتابوں میں
تمہارے جیسی کوئی مثال نہیں

Bewafai Ki Sab Kitaabon Mein
Tumhare Jese Koi Misaal Nahi۔

شک رواں کی نہر ہے اور ہم ہیں دوستوں
اُس بے وفا کا شہر ہے اور ہم ہیں دوستوں
منیر نیازی

Shak Rawan Ki Neher Hai Aur Hum Hain Dostoo
Us Be Wafa Ka Shehar Hai Aur Hum Hain Dostoo۔

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Bewafa poetry in urdu 2 lines

ہم سے بے وفائی کی انتہاء کیا پوچھتے ہو محسن
وہ ہم سے پیار سیکھتا رہا کسی اور کے لیے

Ham Se Bewafai Ki Intha Kia Pochte Ho Mohsin
Wo Ham se Pyar Sekhta Raha Kisi Aur Ke Liye۔

اپنی گلی میں مجھ کو نہ کر دفن بعد قتل
میرے پتے سے خلق کو کیوں تیرا گھر ملے

Apni Gali Mai Mujh Ko Na Kar Dafan Bad-e-Qatl
Mere Pate Se Khalq Ko Kyun Tera Ghar Mile۔

لفظِ وفا سے اب وہ تاثر نا کر قبول
اِس عام فہم لفظ کے معنی بدل گئے

Lafz Wafa Se Ab Woh Tasir Na Kar Qabool,
Is Aam Fehem Lafz Ke Maani Badal Gaye.

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نہیں شکوہ مجھے کچھ بے وفائی کا تیری ہرگز
گلا تب ہو اگر تو نے کسی سے نبھائی ہو
خواجہ میر درد

Nahi Shikwa Mujhe Kuch Be-wafai Ka Teri Hargiz
Gila Tab Ho Agar Tu Ne Kisi Se Bhi Nibhi Ho۔

لینا پڑھے گا عشق میں ترکِ وفا سے کام
پرہیز اِس مرض میں ہے بہتر علاج سے

Lena Parega Ishq Mein Tark e Wafa Se Kaam,
Parhez Iss Marz Mein Hai Behtar Ilaaj Se۔

Bewafa poetry in urdu english

Bewafa poetry is the ideal means to express your thoughts and emotions through your art. Bewafa poetry & Bewafa Shayari ud Daula in Urdu help you share all your innermost feelings after the break up. Here, you could read the various Bewafa range of different poets from Pakistan and India.

Bewafa poetry in urdu 2 lines sms

There are many types of bewafa poetry in Urdu like sad poetry, funny poetry, love poetry, philosophical poetry and even ghazal poetry. Sad poetry describes the state of mind of people who are undergoing a loss or are going through a sad episode in their life. When somebody loses his or her partner, friend or loved one, it is considered a sad event and is described by different words in Urdu. According to a famous quote, “When the people are hungry, they will eat; when the thirsty are thirsty, the people will drink”.

Bewafa poetry in urdu copy paste

A poetic piece written about true love is known as bewafa poetry in Urdu. It is written like a romance which describes the feelings of the lovers. The word in Urdu means ‘to bind’ and that is what true love is about. In a number of poems, it is possible to see that women are described as safaris or women who are bound by love. The word shaya means woman and is usually followed by the word ashraf.

Bewafa dost poetry in urdu 2 lines sms

Another type of bewafa poetry in Urdu is sad bewafa poetry. This describes the behavior of a woman during a sad incident in her life. For example, a poem may tell how a beautiful woman crushes the head of her beloved because of the jealousy of a lover. Another sad bewafa poetry in Urdu might tell how a woman forgets to wash her hands after touching her husband’s feet. Such a situation might arise in any case between two lovers who are in a relationship and there is nothing more devastating than seeing a happy couple ending up in the state of sadness because of jealousy.

Bewafa poetry in urdu 2 lines written

Sad bewafa poetry in Urdu 2 lines are also written like a romance. The word safari literally means beloved one. In such cases, the lover might have left the person he/she loved for someone else. However, the situation might have been rectified if the person had listened to the advice given by the lovers and then decided to remain with his loved one.

Sad bewafa poetry in urdu sms

If you want to read more about bewafa poetry in Urdu, then you should visit a website that offers information on the same. There are several websites that offer information on all aspects of the language including how to study it, pronunciation and dictionaries. You can also find different bewafa quotes by famous poets such as Faizal Mughal, Mir Abdul Baqi Safi Ur Rehman and Shah Wali Allah. All these quotes are inspired by various historical incidents that happened in the past.

Best bewafa poetry in urdu

One of the most famous bewafa poetry in Urdu is hum a dark . This is a love story between a boy named Ghazi and his beloved Asha. It takes place in the 18th century and describes how their relationship reached its zenith. The poet describes Asha’s beauty and how she tried to escape from her husband but was always pulled back by his sweet nature. It ends with the lines: hum hai dark leli, sab ka du hameyya kameez, sab ka behn diya be (glittering like jewels, Asha slips away), the zaman mehta jis (go, take her home)”.

New bewafa poetry in urdu

Another beautiful example of bewafa poetry in Urdu is ashrai hayali. This is a love story between two girls named Kayra and Safia. It begins with Kayra wishing to see her father and her good-natured brother Safi going to meet them. However, as night falls, Safia passes away in the forest and Kayra has a terrible dream where she vows that she will be with her father and her brother in heaven because of the love they shared for each other.

Zindagi bewafa poetry in urdu

Sad poetry in Urdu is also very famous and is about the sadness felt by a person due to death, separation or losing someone. It usually describes things happening to people close to one’s heart. An example of sad poetry in Urdu is Baazee leh dyadic ya behn taraf mein (I am bereft and leave alone, but for a cause), which were composed by Aasrah. It is a sad poem about the end of one’s life because of bereavement.

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