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The name of the poem is borrowed from both the Arabic and Persian words, Baba Bulleh Shah Poetry and Shah Turkoman. The former is known as the “Virgo” or “effective” voice, while the latter is called the “energetic” or” emotive” voice. In other words, the poet wants to express feelings that cannot be expressed with simple written words.

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Here Is A Best of baba bulleh shah poetry collection

Asi nazuk dil de log han, sada dil na yaar dukhaya kar
Na jhoty waday keta kar, na jhoti qasmain kahaya kar

Tenu kinni wari main aakhiyan aey, menu wal wal na azmaya kar
Teri yaad de wich main mar jaan sa, menu inna yaad na aya kar

Bulleh Shah Zehr Vaikh Ke Pita Te Ki Pita
Ishq Soch Ke Kita Te Ki Kita
Dil De Ke Dil Lain Di Aas Rakhi
We Bullehia Pyar Iho Jiya Kita Te Ki Kita

Masjid Dha De Mandar Dha De
Dhenda Jo Kuch Dha De
Ik Banday Da Dil Na Dhawain
Rab Dilan Wich Rehnda

Chal Bullia Hun Othay Chalye Jithay Saray Anay
Na Koi Sanu Penchany Na Koi Sanu Manny

Bure Banday Nu Main Laban Turya Par Bura Laba Na Koi
Jad Main Andar Jhati Pai Te Main Tu Bura Na Koi

Parh Parh Kitaban Ilm Dia Tu Nam Rakh Lia Qazi
Hath Wich Pharh Ke Talwar Nam Rakh Lia Ghazi
Makee Madine Ghom Aya Te Nam Rakh Lia Haji
Au Bullehia Hasal Ki Kita? Jay Tu Rab Na Kita Razi

Koi Ban Gaya Ronaq Pakhian Di, Koi Chor Ke Sheesh Mehal Chalya
Koi Palya Naaz Te Nakhrian Wich, Koi Rait Garam Te Thal Chalya
Koi Bhul Gaya Maqsad Aawan Da, Koi Kar Ke Maqsad Hal Chalya
Ithay Har Koi Fareed Musafar Ae, Koi Aj Chalya Koi Kal Chalya

Baba bulleh shah poetry in urdu

This poem is written in verse that flows in the usual patterns of a poetic work. However, due to the subject of the piece, some readers might find it difficult to understand and comprehend. It is a sort of a paradoxical story, where the main character is at the center, yet has very few characteristics that define him. He is not a hero or a heroine, but something in between, something the reader is yet to figure out.

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The tale begins with a birth story that is brief, yet manages to tell the whole truth. Then we are introduced to the hero of the piece, Baba Bulleh, who is a Turkoman poet. He belongs to an influential family that has lost its influence due to the advent of Islam in the country. As a result, his family is seeking to revive their traditions by writing a poem in the traditional language.

Baba bulleh shah love poetry in urdu

Bulleh’s life is full of mystery and conflicting emotions. We are aware that he loves his father, yet we also do not know how he came to marry her. After the death of his wife, he has two more children, but they are quite different from the first two. They are also quite spirited, although this is not always clear. They are quite like the modern-day fairies. In fact, one of the characters even says that his children have come to visit him in heaven, which probably does not mean that he has forgotten his own mortality.

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The poems that follow describe various scenes that are typical of Arab life. It is obvious that Bulleh has spent considerable time in his home country, as he is obviously familiar with its customs and his family background. We also see this in his choice of words, which allude to foods, plants, and fabric. These allusions do not help us to understand his feelings towards his adopted country but only add to his poetics.

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The second section of the poem relates to Baba Bulleh’s relationship with his adopted daughter Fadiya. Bulleh describes her as a peerless woman and one who is loved by all. He laments the fact that she is now married and expresses his desire that their relationship should never change. In fact, he is determined to see this happen and wishes to marry her only if Fadiya agrees.

Best of baba bulleh shah poetry collection

The third section of the poem, entitled “The Rose of the Desert”, vividly depicts life in the faraway desert. This part of the poem is Ghazal, which is a rhyming imperative. It is obvious that Bulleh has spent considerable time in his beloved city. As he describes its various attractions, we can see some of the things that attract tourists to the city. Perhaps his aim was to underline the point that the poetry is primarily a reflection of what the poet feels about his native country.

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The most important characteristic of the poem is the rhyme scheme. Most people, when confronted with a new poem, try to figure out what the author has in mind. When this is not possible, it is advisable to read previous poems by the same author in order to obtain an idea of his or her style.

Kalam baba bulleh shah poetry

In this context, Ghazal shares the author’s view that happiness comes from the midst of action, and that people only strive for happiness when they are surrounded by their loved ones. The simplicity of the language, and its exquisite elegance, make this work an impressive contribution to the literature of Middle East poetry.

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