14 august poetry in Urdu

“Palace of the Great Happiness” by Shashank Mani is an exquisite 14 August Poem in Urdu composed by the famous poet, Mirza Ghalib. It was published in Pakistan in 2010 and has been made available through online publications. The beautiful lines written in Urdu, in praise of the great national day of Pakistan, that is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August every year, deserve to be published in all countries of the world. This beautiful poem is a must have for all those who wish to celebrate the glorious occasion of Pakistan’s 14th anniversary.

“Palace of the Great Happiness” by Mirza Ghalib is one of the most delicious poems I have ever read in Urdu. To celebrate Pakistan’s 14th anniversary of its independence, I have prepared this beautiful piece for online publication. After reading the lines in the book, which are spoken by a lady referred to as Kahara Jahan. She is celebrating her freedom from British. She is related to the legendary hero, Captain Ahmedabad.

The all time popular poet, Mirza Ghalib, is also associated with Pakistan’s great national day, Bhai Dooj. So, his words in this piece on 14 August poetry in Urdu, beautifully capturing the sentiments of the occasion, just do not disappoint me. In fact, I have read and enjoyed every word of Mirza Ghalib’s poetry in Urdu, and have often quoted them in my eulogies at my family homes, as well.

“Palace of the Great Happiness” by Mirza Ghalib is a great example of the genre of 14 August poetry in Urdu. It begins with the lines, “On the day of joy and victory, when the darts of the conqueror had been shaken in the hands of the captive, the beauty of the lady, the hand of the lady, the face of the lady, the name of the lady fills the heart of man.” This beautiful idiom, filled with the essence of the glorious events that happened in the country’s history, and indeed, all over the world, makes it an apt choice for Bhai Dooj. The story continues with the line, “When the hands of the brave have fallen to the grasp of the captive, we celebrate the glorious events of our nation and our religion.” Such lovely and touching lines as these, from a famous writer, add a touch of beauty and romance to one of the most beloved festivals of India, Bhai Dooj. I particularly love the last statement, “We celebrate the glorious events of our nation and our religion.”

The title of this work brings a smile to my face. This beautiful poetry is entitled, “Prayer for the Captives” and was written by Mirza Ghalib. In this poetic piece, Ghalib has exquisitely described the beauty of a beautiful lady sitting on a throne, saying, “In truth, my friend, you are a captive yet you are beautiful too.” I love the simplicity of this line and how it touches my soul. So, every time I read this lovely poem, I am brought back to the lovely lines mentioned above.

It was on this day, on the auspicious occasion of Pakistan’s 14th August celebrations, that the famous poet Rabindra Nath Tagore, together with his wife Brila and son Prema took part in the raising of Pakistan’s national flag outside the parliament building. They were decorated with sweets and flowers by the people of Pakistan. Brila and Nath were presented with a certificate by General Muhammad Yousuf, the then ruler of Pakistan. They later presented the winning words to the national newspaper, Tarzan.

This was a happy event for Pakistan, as it marked the unity and integrity of its people, and their love for each other. On this very day, a famous actress from Pakistan, Sharukh Khan, who is best known for her brilliant onscreen roles, received an award from Pakistan’s film industry’s Awards. She is among the many celebrities from Pakistan and the entire world, who were present in the auditorium of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Azeem Dayani, a lyricist and poet was also present on this occasion along with Azad Ali, whom Pakistani people have admired for his exceptional talent as both a writer and actor. Azad Ali was conferred with an honorary doctorate degree.

The Academy has done well in selecting deserving candidates who have proved their talent and expertise in delivering cinema, television and theatre plays, advertisements, and other forms of entertainment. Many other awardees from different areas of the world have also received votes, but sadly, Sharukh Khan failed to qualify for the honor of receiving the prestigious award. However, she will always be remembered as one of the finest actresses of our times. Her exemplary performances in various genres have won her the hearts of millions, and all thanks to Jashn-e-Azadi.

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